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Hello, hello!

Good day, everyone :-D

I'm a 25-year-old MA student in Medieval Studies and former English major, with an eye toward getting my doctorate in English with a specialization in medieval literature. My particular areas of interest are Old English and Middle English literature, along with old Germanic languages in general, and literary depictions of monstrosity and vice. My Master's thesis, and prospective doctoral dissertation, is on the construction and use of anger in Old English literature; right now it's still in the "getting things together" phase, but I hope to spend time doing manuscript research for it this summer. Assuming I can get the money. *wince*

Aside from the typical "Uh, what are you going to do with that?" questions, the worst part about being an English major is constantly dealing with the reminders that I'll never make any money. I know that, and don't particularly care. But every time someone makes that comment, they make it with this sort of suggestion that I've been oblivious to a perfectly obvious truth...

*cough* Finals have me on a short fuse. Anyway, it's great to meet everyone!
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Hello everyone, I'm glad someone decided to create this community! At the moment I lack the creativity to start a discussion, but I hope this will change soon.

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well here I am...

Im rachel and Im a liberal arts english major at Central Michigan University... basically what this means is that I am a literature major that will not be getting a teaching cert... as CMU is essentially a teaching university there arent really concentrations outisde of elementary ed, secondary ed, creative writing and liberal arts... if youre in Ed you have the option of a language arts concentration... though I will eventually teach I do not want a teachers education in English... mostly because Ive met the people who are getting it and they dont seem to be learning much... my main interests right now are contemporary lit and possibly brit lit (Im taking a contemporary Brit Lit class and a survey of Joyce next semester)... I dont neccesarily feel Im getting the most stellar education here but im trying to improve and learn as much as I can... I tend to feel kind of small and ignorant around people who are more educated than me but Im eager to pick up new knowledge... I think that the worst part for me about being an english major is that so many of the english majors here are really pretty much just teaching majors who had to pick something to teach... they seem to have no passion for literature and arent interested in anything beyond childrens books... I dont feel like people take me seriously when i say Id love to just go to school forever and that education is as important to me as financial success... I am lucky enough to work in my schools english dept though, so I get exposure to profs and encouragement in my somewhat self-indulgent pursuit of knowledge...

guess thats all... i hope to get alot from this group
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At the request of our moderator...

...I shall now introduce myself.

My name is Shaun, and I'm the MA equivalent of ABD at Radford University in Radford, VA. My concnetration is in American Literature, with special emphasis on 20th century American lit. I'm also big into science fiction (namely Ray Bradbury and Philip K. Dick) as well as literary theory. For me, the worst part of being an English major is people constantly going "what are you going to do with that?" as if there is no practical value for an English major. Of course, I said "practicalitly be damned" when I decided to majo in English...
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my whole existence, puck and oberon

Wow, welcome everyone!

Didn't think this comm would be such a hit (ok, 6-8 people, but it hasn't been up that long ;-)), but it's a nice surprise.

Something to start with: What kind of English concentration are you? And what has been the worst part about being an English major?

I'm an English/Classics double-major with a British lit and mythology concentration (understanding that mythology in the English dept is different from mythology in the Classics dept in my school--it's more northern in the English dept). I think my worst experience as an English major has just been that my school's English department has no organization. They just have no concept of it, particularly with advising, so I've been stumbling through half-blind. I think I've finally figured it out though. :-)