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Hi guys...I'm Heather and I'm an English Lit. major. Next year I'll be starting my graduate work in ESL, so lately I've been preparing for the GRE. By "preparing" I actually mean "slowly going insane", as the math section of the test is killing me.

Math is evil.

Anyway, I was hoping that some of you who have taken this damned test could tell me how heavily English Grad programs weigh math scores...it would be absolutely wonderful if they mostly focused on English, since that is what I'm going to be doing, and since math has absolutely no relevance to my career. !!! Hate math, hate math.

Or, if anyone has any inspirational stories on how they took their GRE and lived to tell the tale, that would be good, too. Because right now I'm seriously if I will.

Oh, and the hardest part of being an English Lit. major, for me,(don't throw rocks!) is that I am now aware of all the wondrous lit. written by women and minority writers that is largely ignored or at least overlooked by my classes and university classes all over the country. It's maddening.

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