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Hello! I'm currenty half-way through my hBA in English Language and Literature at the University of Toronto. I've always done best in language classes, but during my first year of university I decided to enter a realm which is now referred to as "the dark ages." I decided against taking an english major and took forensic sciences. That was a huge mistake. I went from getting 4.0's in my language classes to failing my chemistry course.
So here I am, back with my beloved english. Loving it as always. I am especially interested in theory of literature and I hope to enter graduate studies concerning theory and criticism of modernist and post-modernist texts.
I also had a question concerning minors. I am specializing in english, which means that 14/20 credits towards my degree are ENG courses, but I am still able to take on a minor. Right now I am considering both Latin (it's been suggested this is vital to graduate and post-grad studies) and Sociology. If anyone has any experience in these fields in conjunction with an English program I would be very interested in their feedback. I would really like to take a minor that is seperate but applicable to my degree.

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