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I'm glad to have found this corner of the name is Nicole, and I have a master's in English from Boston College. I'm applying to Ph.D. programs now, and mostly selling myself (I thought twice about the phraseology, but apps feel remarkably like doing a mating display a la Zoidberg most of the time) as a theorist, though I feel like a fairly stupid one most of the time. I'm into Austen and her era, Hitchcock films, Futurama, Lacan, Zizek. Have read and liked some Barthes, some Foucault. This year, I'm adjuncting. Officially, I love teaching. Unofficially, I wouldn't be sorry never to set foot in a freshman comp classroom, or a community college in any capacity, again. But that's the end of the semester talking. That and missing school. I'm so ready to go back.

I don't so much get "What are you going to do with that?" from people, as "What's that?" Scholarship seems to be poorly understood by most people. I try to explain--I read and write and do research. Yes, they pay me for that. But I say I teach, and the lights all go on, "Oh, you're a teacher!", vaguely as if they were saying, "Oh, you're an overpaid moron who's ruining American youth!" and that's it, they're satisfied. At times, I'd really rather say I was a writer. Then, if you make money from it, people seem envious, and if you don't, they just think you're a damn fool, which I can live with.

Glad to meet everyone.

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