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Hello, hello!

Good day, everyone :-D

I'm a 25-year-old MA student in Medieval Studies and former English major, with an eye toward getting my doctorate in English with a specialization in medieval literature. My particular areas of interest are Old English and Middle English literature, along with old Germanic languages in general, and literary depictions of monstrosity and vice. My Master's thesis, and prospective doctoral dissertation, is on the construction and use of anger in Old English literature; right now it's still in the "getting things together" phase, but I hope to spend time doing manuscript research for it this summer. Assuming I can get the money. *wince*

Aside from the typical "Uh, what are you going to do with that?" questions, the worst part about being an English major is constantly dealing with the reminders that I'll never make any money. I know that, and don't particularly care. But every time someone makes that comment, they make it with this sort of suggestion that I've been oblivious to a perfectly obvious truth...

*cough* Finals have me on a short fuse. Anyway, it's great to meet everyone!
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