Vitriolic Bitch (ladyshrew) wrote in splinteredlight,
Vitriolic Bitch

Wow, welcome everyone!

Didn't think this comm would be such a hit (ok, 6-8 people, but it hasn't been up that long ;-)), but it's a nice surprise.

Something to start with: What kind of English concentration are you? And what has been the worst part about being an English major?

I'm an English/Classics double-major with a British lit and mythology concentration (understanding that mythology in the English dept is different from mythology in the Classics dept in my school--it's more northern in the English dept). I think my worst experience as an English major has just been that my school's English department has no organization. They just have no concept of it, particularly with advising, so I've been stumbling through half-blind. I think I've finally figured it out though. :-)

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