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the obligatory intro

Hey all--My name is Susan, and in about a week (eee!) I'll have my B.A. in English with an Identity Studies Concentration. At my university, that basically means that my focus is on theories of literature and culture. (instead of creative writing, or teaching secondary ed.) So yeah, I'm a theory dork--but this concentration has also allowed me to deeply explore some genres which I've grown to love: Immigrant literature/documentary, Postmodern American fiction, and Native American fiction. Curriculum aside, I'm fond of literature that deals with damnation (Eliot, Dante, Milton) and I'm semi-obsessed with Oscar Wilde. :)

The worst part of being an English major, in my experience, has to be the ridiculous amount of people who assume that I'm some grammar guru and the embodiment of a Webster dictionary. I mean, I DO write a lot of papers, but it's not like I go to class and learn the finer points of the conditional tense. I think that so many people misinterpreting what I have a passion for learning is just a tad disheartening.

But I still love being an English major! ("Go Team!" and what not). Okay, back to my finals.
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